I love the concept of wearing your intimate wear outside especially now in the blazing heat. It shows a high sense of self confidence and empowerment and I’m all for that.
The slip dress is a very sensual look,it clings to your feminine curve and have a high level of sex appeal without being too overwhelming. This summer a lot of celebrities and designers has adapted this trend to their summer collection like saint Laurent,Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang.
Honestly in my opinion I think Rihanna is the queen of slip dresses,I love how she can transform this sexy piece from day to date.
(my outfit of the day inspired by rihanna)
For more of a date look Asos has some elegant, more structured slip dress in case you don’t like the slippery satin look for about £30 and up-ward, I will paired this look with a pair of bold coloured strap heels and a statement clutch or if you are an accessories junkie you could go crazy…
You can find similar styles from high street stores like topshop and new look to incorporate to your summer wardrobe.
slip dress

13th June 2016

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