AW2016 is obsessed with Velvet!! So am I ,this year designers like Stella McCartney,Erdem,valentino to mention a few has taken inspiration from the Renaissance era.
Known for their obsessesion to portray a luxurious lifestyle with elaborate and rich fabric like velvet,heavily beaded embroidery ,puffy sleeves and lot of ruffles detailing.
some inspiration if you want to channel a modern day renaissance.

Right: Asos £36
Top left: Givenchy £630
Bottom left: Asos £21

Autumn/ Winter is basically the best fashion season hands down,the dark,grudgy colour scheme the experiment with textures and honestly there is no better texture than velvet. here is my favourite look this winter
The good thing about velvet is that it is very versatile,you can use the fabric for pretty much anything from dresses down to shoes.
You can incorporate velvet elements into your everyday look.

New year’s eve party look.


Top right: A.L.C £513
Bottom right: Balmain £2,755
Left : Warehouse £49

16th December 2016

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