It’s amazing how much I claim to hate changes,whereas I am a chameleon.
My changes has been subtle through out the years but hopefully it leads to promising future.
My life goal has always been move to a big city and get into the fashion industry. Over the years I have very little opportunities and it feels like there is a lot of obstacles in the way.

I can’t count the number of universities I gotten admissions to but refused at the last minute because it didn’t feel right to me.
I couldn’t understand how one can feel so lost even when they are constantly obsessing about the future.

I have ventured into the world of internship,schools can only teach you the basic format and what will look good on your cv, but real life doesn’t have any format,if you want a career you need to know the day to day activities of a running business.

What I want is to be a lingerie designers not just a designer also an entrepreneur, although design is in my blood,public relations,brand management and marketing is vital skills I need to learn in order to succeed.

30th June 2017

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