Hello, I am Maria Igwebuike nice to meet you 😉 This is going to be my personal blog where I would be posting about things that inspires me as a designer ,fashion trends and reviews, DIY project and beauty reviews and pretty much everything you will find in a fashion blog or more. To me this is not just a blog but a passage to my personal journey into the person i want to be, i see this as a stepping stone to my future of being a fashion designer.

To me fashion is not just a trend, it’s also my lifestyle, my hobby, my therapy and i would like to share that with you. I know my blog won’t be perfect or up to all the other famous blog but I’m sure I would rise to the standard expected, this is my first blog ever so i have so much to learn about blogging or being a blogger but I know I’m determined, self-motivated and very passionate and I would see to it that this little blog succeed.


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3rd February 2015


Hi,thanks for liking my content,I honestly have no idea my blog was suggested by yahoo. I wish I could help x

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